Hand Up Homes For Youth Mission Statement

Hand Up Homes for Youth, Inc. in close collaboration with families and communities, will provide effective prevention, treatment and support by empowering children and their families to achieve optimum health.

We join the families in ways that create a higher likelihood of positive results for our clients and greater safety for the community. Balancing a genuine nurture for their children with the responsibility of preventing further abuse is a life-task that parents and extended family members can both value and master.

Offense-Specific Family Therapy – Families play an integral part in the treatment and recovery of all clients at Hand Up Homes for Youth. All families are required to participate. Foremost of the goals of family therapy is to create greater safety and accountability within the family system.

Multi-Family Therapy – Hand Up Homes for Youth offers monthly multi-family therapy to focus on education, support and development of the family regarding offense specific issues, clarification and reunification, strength and asset building, treatment and participation in containment process. This important event yields results that give parents an advantage in developing and maintaining “point of order” agreements with their children.